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     If you've heard our music or been a fan from the beginning, you know our all-embracing theme is NEVER GIVE UP. It's our mission to inspire everyone we come in contact with to fight your personal battle. We know your life is no cake walk. We know you have been through hell and gotten a raw deal more than a few times. We are here to remind you that happiness is in the fight. In the journey to the top. You have a responsibility to yourself and the people you love to wake up every day and fight for your dreams. NO MATTER WHAT!


     She Pulled The Trigger is here for YOU. It is NOT about a couple guys with bloated egos trying to become famous. The word "famous" makes me sick actually. But we believe in the power of our primal message. We believe in FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE in this hyper-compressed, desentitized, information age overloaded world. This era that beats you down into a herd of numbers constantly reminding you that you are nobody unless you own a yaht and a Porsche. Unless you have 1,000 likes on every Instagram post. Unless you have 13 new texts and a missed call every time you pick up your phone. She Pulled The Trigger exists to ignite your heart and soul with the truth that you are the only you. You are exactly who you are meant to be. The people closest to you are the people who matter most. Forget the world. Live YOUR life one day at a time. Smile and believe in yourself. You are perfcet right now.


     Having a powerful idea and wanting to help a bunch of people is great. It's obvious why we do this. Just like you. We want the world to be a better, happier place. But how can a few musicians with good intentions take a concept and build a MOVEMENT? First comes music. We rock out in rehearsal until we find the instrumental sounds that drive us. Then we let the words flow from our subconscious with our hearts open to the big picture of what we stand for. Then things get interesting!


     Off to the recording studio where we turn our songs "pre-production" into professional tracks. Before SPTT launched we had been working under a different band name with a plethora of music producers and already knew the perfect team for SPTT. Grammy-nominated producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland were an easy choice! They have produced CandleBox, EverclearAugust Burns Red, Galactic EmpireFrom Ashes To New, Polaris, Throw The Fight, This Or The Apocalypse and plenty more amazing bands. 


    Having great music is cool. But if nobody knows about it, it's basically a super-expensive hobby. How do we get the word out? Step 1 is to have cover art that captivates your attention. If you scroll down your newfeed or walk past our CDs on the shelf and don't stop to say HOLD UP WHAT'S THAT? ...then something is wrong. So we hire the best graphic artists we know. We tell them about our mission and the meaning behind the project they'll be working on. Then we let them work their magic. It's really exciting for us to see what another artist creates that is inspired by the music we put so much of ourselves into!



The band SHE PULLED THE TRIGGER is (left to right) Nick "NOVA" Zell, Tyler Travis & Chris Zell.


Chris and Nick are brothers and have played music together all their life. They met Tyler at a festival where he was performing with another band. Tyler joined the Zell Brothers Band which eventually evolved into SPTT.

Grant McFarland (left) and Carson Slovak (right)

Grammy-nominated Music Producers


Produced, mixed & mastered our debut album NO MATTER WHAT and all of our demo EPs (10,000 Worlds Away, Now Or Never) and our early singles (Stand Up and Fight, Dying To Shine, Without A Doubt, Now Or Never) 


Currently with Think Loud Studios (click photo for Think Loud website)

Adam Serrano is the creative genius behind our new 2018 logos and the digital master of our 'NO MATTER WHAT' album cover.


Serrano has done graphic work for countless businesses and musicians. He is also a hair stylist and a vocalist in his own heavy metal band ANDHERA.


Click his photo to check out his website!

Mike Finch "UP IN SMOKE PRODUCTIONS" (right) worked with us to create the oil painting that became the cover for our 'NO MATTER WHAT' album. Click the photo for more of his work!

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